Monday, January 21, 2013

Micaela Katarzyna Peter..

So here i am again, but this time i am a changed man. I finally got to see my baby's face for the first time, and did it do a number on me. My wife and i made a bet when we just found out we were pregnant, i wanted a boy and she said i was getting a girl. Now me being me, i went through every single wives tale you could think of, trying to find out what sex we had, and also trying to get the upper hand in the bet. I went from the spinning ring, to the size of the tummy, even
secretly forcing my wife to only sleep on her right side hoping the inter-net was truthful about it altering the baby's sex.
Well guess what, its a girl. Either i somehow screwed up everything, or i inadvertedly made the sex a girls (maybe some pissed off woman lied saying do this for a boy knowing fully well it was for girls) or maybe its all bullshit. I think its the latter. But here is the catch, i wanted a boy just to carry out my legacy in name, thats it. I dont prefer bpys to girls, i think they are both equal.
But that afternoon we went for a scan, i felt it in the pit of my stomach i wasnt getting a boy, and then i saw her face. WOW! Now i am a proud old fashioned man, i dont cry, i grit my teeth and say mush. But when i saw her face i broke down smiling, i have never seen a more beautiful face ever. And for the life of i couldnt think why i wanted a boy so much when i saw her. She is perfect.
I know every parent says their baby is beautiful but this isnt that, she is gorgeous, she down right is, she looks like me too, i was filled with pride and a love i cant explain. I dont think a boy would have made me so soft in the heart. And all i could do when i saw her face was whisper "daddy's little girl"
I can see the future, she is going to ruin me, have me wrapped around her pinky and be spoilt as ever, i can see that and i know it. But she is my little girl, and i will be damned if i didnt treat her as the most important girl alive. My wife made things worse for me by naming her after me, now i have my legacy and an angel coming into this world in May. And her name is Micaela Katarzyna.
Ever since i saw that gorgeous face alot has changed in me, i worry more about making sure this home is perfect for her, i worry if i will be able to take care of her the way she should be, but mostly i worry about keeping her safe. I thought i was obessesive about my gaming and down right protective, but now nothing else seems as important than my little girl. I cant wait to meet her, i cant wait to show her off, and teach her all of daddy's little obessesions. I am not worried about sports or anything of the sort but if she wanted to play, she has one helluva kick.
The only thing i can say now, and i say it with a frown on my face and clenched teeth. I feel sorry for the boy that hurts my little angel, or makes the mistake of breaking her heart. Thats the day we will find out how much of a serial killer i really am..

p.s. I wonder how long it takes to get a shotgun in South Africa?