Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Been so Busy...

So its been awhile since I last updated my blog. So much has happened in such a little time frame. I wouldn't be able to squeeze everything in just one post. But i can try to summarise. My family has expanded now, not only do I have my little angel slash devil crawling all over the place but now I have a pup who weighs pretty much the same as I do. And he doesn't grasp the concept that he is huge. Causing mayhem when he runs around the house, he (Mufasa) and Micaela have developed this amazing bond, and boy do they cause so much trouble together.
We had to get him due to our house being broken into 3 times in one month, I mean that is insane, but I guess that's the price for living in the busiest city in all of Africa. They only good thing from the break ins is me actually getting him, life has just been even more colourful and fun, you just can't not love him. And as for my little girl, well she isn't so little anymore, she rules the very house we live in and she and I both know she has me wrapped around her little finger. Not even gonna pretend I don't know this.
So I am back now and I will update regularly with all the strange tales on the south.
Me and my crazy family.
The joys of making faces