Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 the main event!

OK, we all know the impact of the world cup in South Africa, the first african country EVER to host it, its such a big event, the world has its eyes on us, people expect something new and something different. But what they don't see is what is happening here, you can see it in the streets, in peoples faces, offices, radio, and TV. Everyone here, is proud, excited, honoured that we will get to have such an opportunity to show the world what South Africa really is about. I myself am not really a huge soccer and, save Man U, which i adore, but even i feel the anticipation, the responsibility of showing the world just what we have to offer here. People with flags on their cars, everyone wearing their country jerseys, count down clocks everywhere, and then of course the song "Wavin Flag by K'Naan", that just inspires you, gives you goose pumps and makes you proud to be a part of this world cup.
Everyone here is really trying to do their part, i mean yes things still crash, like our garbage removers are still on strike, some of the roads are still under construction and the long anticipated GauTrain is still not done, but as the day closes in, we seem oblivious of these things, and just get more excited. Sure our home team has alot and i mean alot at stake, we haven't really been performing well, and the group we were put in, is just murderous, but i can guarantee, the loudest fans there will be the ever proud South Africans, blowing on their vuvuzelas, screaming for joy, not cause our team is winning, or losing, not because it expected of us, but because WE are hosting one of the world's most watched games, cause we are apart from the rest, and because in just 20 years, we have proven to the world, that no matter the colour of our skin, our past, our differences, we as a people can change a nation and show the world just how great we are. So if you are one of the fortunate few, who are lucky to come to this beautiful country for this great event, and you see a blackman, painted brightly in red, white, green, yellow black and blue, and a white Boer, half naked, with an Indian huddled together, blowing loudly on their vuvu's with an extremely es static smile on their faces, you should smile back and join them, cause they are not just celebrating football, but they are celebrating their togetherness, their over comings and their unity.
Its amazing, how something like kicking a ball around can have such an impact on people, so, you can count on this, i will be there, painted from head to toe, in the national colours, jumping up and down like a monkey on steroids, screaming and laughing, blowing on my vuvu, representing this very proud nation.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My new found love.

One of the things that have stolen my heart in this country is ice skating, its graceful, elegant and very peaceful just gliding on the ice, you tend to just drift of and forget the worries that you had before stepping into the ring, now, after falling, scratching my elbow, almost breaking my back, bouncing my head on ice and looking like a total loser, i can now say i actually know how to ice skate.
 Me being me, i went there arrogant, thinking just how hard could this shit be? Well i will tell you, its frigging hard, forget rollablading or whatever concept you think you have, ice skating is on its own level, you almost literally need some form of physics to apply to it. The easy part is getting to move forward, hahahaha now try stopping, thats where you find out just how hard your bones are. All in all, i have fallen in love with it, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the extremely gorgeous red head who gave me some minute to minute lessons. Although i must say, she is one helluva teacher. You will be amazed at just how many people want to ice skate, and how packed the ring is on a week day in the afternoon, i personally have actually decided to register and start schooling, not to be a proffesional or impress the very hot girls that glide by you when you go skating, hmmmm ok not completely, but for myself, it truely is something addictive and wonderous.
 The only way i can ever really explain is, you need to try it yourself.


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It starts here!!

I came to this country 1 year and 7 months ago, and i can not even begin to tell you the things that have happened to me since then, alotta of them are seriously fun, but some of them have left me disappointed and even questioned myself why did i come here? But to be fair, this country is seriously mis judged and misunderstood, it is a beautiful country, and the people are just as amazing... ok most of them anyways, you do come across the select few who are just as stupid as a retarded chicken (no offence to all the retarded chickens out there)
So after all this i realised, i cant keep taking pictures, or sending silly sms, mms and tiny emails, trying to show and share the wonders of this country, i figure why not a blog, and why not a daily blog?? but what if it's boring, and what if i cant keep up, well these are questions which i still haven't answered, sue me if you have a problem with that, seriously! But i can tell you this, i will keep you updated as much as i can and i will show you eerything i can through my eyes.. to get a feel of things, i live in the most busy city in the whole of South africa, its called Johannesburg, the locals have a variety of names; Mzanzi, Jo'burg, J-town and some are just to damn lazy and call it JHB, which personally i think is longer than the rest but hey, lets just let that one slide. You can find literally every race here, literally, but getting along together like one big family is a whole different story but we will get into that later, much much later..
Now what i am gonna blog about, hmmmm blog about? is there such a phrase?? well there is now, what i am gonna blog about is everything from the night life to the horrid things that make your skin crawl, like the certain governent official (no name calling here) who has been singing a certain racist song which has been envoked by his rather idiotic followers to go linch another goverment (ex) official.. and worst part, he just keeps playing the part of the pied piper.. Personally i think he mass of followers are the real stupid dumb arses who just need ear plugs to clean out the illiterate wax outta their ears.
But like i said these are the things you will and should expect from my blog, if it is interesting, it WILL be blogged, and if i happen to be quick enough to get a photo, it will sure as hell be posted, oh and just a heads up, the language on this blog will change according to my mood, but i will try my utter most to be clean, and if you have any issues on my topics please feel free to lay your compliant to 0800 7477 633 ( i just realised some people might actually try and call the number so for you slow ones, it says piss off)
Enjoy the blog, leave your comments, you are entitled to your opinion afterall, but if you do insult me, i will delete, hey its my blog, go get your own, in the mean time, watch this space and invite your friends, cause this is gonna be on helluva ride. Cheers and thank you!!