Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Been so Busy...

So its been awhile since I last updated my blog. So much has happened in such a little time frame. I wouldn't be able to squeeze everything in just one post. But i can try to summarise. My family has expanded now, not only do I have my little angel slash devil crawling all over the place but now I have a pup who weighs pretty much the same as I do. And he doesn't grasp the concept that he is huge. Causing mayhem when he runs around the house, he (Mufasa) and Micaela have developed this amazing bond, and boy do they cause so much trouble together.
We had to get him due to our house being broken into 3 times in one month, I mean that is insane, but I guess that's the price for living in the busiest city in all of Africa. They only good thing from the break ins is me actually getting him, life has just been even more colourful and fun, you just can't not love him. And as for my little girl, well she isn't so little anymore, she rules the very house we live in and she and I both know she has me wrapped around her little finger. Not even gonna pretend I don't know this.
So I am back now and I will update regularly with all the strange tales on the south.
Me and my crazy family.
The joys of making faces

Monday, July 1, 2013

Micaela Katarzyna Gołonkiewicz

So it's been 2 months since my world changed. My daughter, love of life arrived on the 1st of May at 20:48. Never have I seen a more beautiful girl, and I am not just saying that.
But it's not been all sunshine and rainbows, having a baby is by far the most taxing task ever. And the responsibility is incredible. But when ever I see her face and her smile it makes everything worthwhile.
Now barely 2 months old, my little angel has started growing teeth, which is not some rare genetic disorder, but its not common. And after alittle research it turns out babies who develop this fast are normally exceptional, have a higher IQ and are generally just awesome. As a nerd father this is like the greatest thing I could find out about my little nerd in the making.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Micaela Katarzyna Peter..

So here i am again, but this time i am a changed man. I finally got to see my baby's face for the first time, and did it do a number on me. My wife and i made a bet when we just found out we were pregnant, i wanted a boy and she said i was getting a girl. Now me being me, i went through every single wives tale you could think of, trying to find out what sex we had, and also trying to get the upper hand in the bet. I went from the spinning ring, to the size of the tummy, even
secretly forcing my wife to only sleep on her right side hoping the inter-net was truthful about it altering the baby's sex.
Well guess what, its a girl. Either i somehow screwed up everything, or i inadvertedly made the sex a girls (maybe some pissed off woman lied saying do this for a boy knowing fully well it was for girls) or maybe its all bullshit. I think its the latter. But here is the catch, i wanted a boy just to carry out my legacy in name, thats it. I dont prefer bpys to girls, i think they are both equal.
But that afternoon we went for a scan, i felt it in the pit of my stomach i wasnt getting a boy, and then i saw her face. WOW! Now i am a proud old fashioned man, i dont cry, i grit my teeth and say mush. But when i saw her face i broke down smiling, i have never seen a more beautiful face ever. And for the life of i couldnt think why i wanted a boy so much when i saw her. She is perfect.
I know every parent says their baby is beautiful but this isnt that, she is gorgeous, she down right is, she looks like me too, i was filled with pride and a love i cant explain. I dont think a boy would have made me so soft in the heart. And all i could do when i saw her face was whisper "daddy's little girl"
I can see the future, she is going to ruin me, have me wrapped around her pinky and be spoilt as ever, i can see that and i know it. But she is my little girl, and i will be damned if i didnt treat her as the most important girl alive. My wife made things worse for me by naming her after me, now i have my legacy and an angel coming into this world in May. And her name is Micaela Katarzyna.
Ever since i saw that gorgeous face alot has changed in me, i worry more about making sure this home is perfect for her, i worry if i will be able to take care of her the way she should be, but mostly i worry about keeping her safe. I thought i was obessesive about my gaming and down right protective, but now nothing else seems as important than my little girl. I cant wait to meet her, i cant wait to show her off, and teach her all of daddy's little obessesions. I am not worried about sports or anything of the sort but if she wanted to play, she has one helluva kick.
The only thing i can say now, and i say it with a frown on my face and clenched teeth. I feel sorry for the boy that hurts my little angel, or makes the mistake of breaking her heart. Thats the day we will find out how much of a serial killer i really am..

p.s. I wonder how long it takes to get a shotgun in South Africa?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Credit where its due!!

You know, i have been going on and on about me becoming a father, and how epic it is plus scary. But i have noticed i actually haven't actually commended someone, a very very important person to me. My best friend, lover, my wife.
You know, alot of poeple claim they are the luckiest man alive cause they married some special girl, but i have to say this, they have nothing on me. Yes i know that sounds arrogant, but you know what? I am! My whole life i spent seeking revenge on the fairer sex, ever since i had my heart crushed, i made it a point to exact out my pain 10 fold. And i got good at it, i mean real good. Picking out women became a gift, i barely ever was told no. So when i came to this great country R.S.A, i expected nothing less, and i was right. They women were just as easy. Save 1.
Nikki Vuyisanani Golonkiewicz, she really did stand out from the rest, i never was interested in her when i first met her, she was just this really awesome person to be around. And her heart, it is 3 times as big. She actually saved my sorry ass, no lie. I actually owe her everything. And she did it because she said i was her friend.
I have been everywhere around the world met alls kindsa poeple, but i have never met a friend like that, who risked everything for me. She got to know me, the REAL me, she still stayed and was my friend, and believe me when i saww i screwed up a couple of times real bad, we still stayed friends. Even after the couple of steamy runchy moments we had, in secret hahahaha. Yeah those were really good times, but alas thats a whole completely different story. ;)
Then she did something now girl has ever actually done, she actually made me cry. Now alot of people mght think thats a bad thing, but for me it was the best thing any girl could do. You see, her ability to make me cry made me realize, that she was the first girl to weasel her way into my heart, and i made a promise, which ever girl could make me care enough to cry, i was gonna keep her for good. So i did. And she said yes.
We have been married for over a year, and its been the event of my life, i really didn't think life could be this amazing or grand. But once again, Nikki  had to just get the better of me. She made a father. I can honestly say, women are by far the superior sex, the shit they go through just to have a baby, the changes, the pain and the mind set. I envy their strength and dedication. But i also fear that level of responsibility. I am not a quitter i never back down, but i have seen how a woman cant fall asleep, cause her body just wont adjust to the changes, her hormones just mind fucking her brain. And somehow she still keeps it together and smiles when i wanna say hello to my baby in her tummy.
I thought i couldnt love ger anymore than i did when i said i do, but watching her, looking at all the small things she does, and watching her bring my baby to this world, i have fallen into a deeper kind of love, i cant even explain.
So whenever i walk in at 6am from work and i wake her up with a slow kiss, and she says what was that for? I smile and say nothing, but inside i am thinking, thats for making me the happiest man alive, and for saving me from my past.
So here is to Nikki, a fine women, one of a kind. Here is to my wife and the mother of my child. I can never say i love you enough, even after i am dead.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Fears of Fatherhood!

ok, having a baby is no picnic. There is no book out there, magazine i can find and "new parents advice" that i get that can calm my nerves down. So many thoughts, so  much to do and so little time. We are already 17 weeks, i mean it was just yesterday i was running through the complex screaming i am pregnant. And now my baby is the size of a butternut. Sigh! I wanna be the best dad, EVER, i research everything, study like crazy but i am still full of fear. What if i freeze, or forget everything i have so dutifully studied, crammed and memorized?
And there is the expenses. DONT GET ME STARTED on that. I have been constantly doing mental calculations, and jesus these little things are bloody expensive. I still dont know how? I mean they are like 2 feet tall and they cost a fortune.
Dont get me wrong, i am not having second thoughts, or even doubts. Just looking at the photos of the baby sleeping in my wife's tummy bring me to tears, and thats not an easy thing to do to an emotionally distant ass lilke myself. I am dying to meet the little one, show him or her the world, teach em everything, all the lil secrets and short cuts. Give him/her everything i never had, the oppurtunities i lost.
But thats where my fear comes in, the baby is bonding with my wife everyday, what if when it comes i am just another stranger or weird googoo gaga face??
For the first time i dont know how to fix this, everyone tells me it will come naturally, its instinctive. Well thats not good enough for me, i want to be the best thing that kid ever has. Maybe i just have to read more, or study some. I wanna be ready for what ever the baby needs. Or then again, maybe i am just fussing over nothing, or being a paranoid father. Heh, father? I could seriously get used to being called that. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Beginning of Fatherhood!

So its been 16 weeks since i found out that i am gonna be a dad, and i can tell you this, its a life changing event. I have been shit scared some days, thinking i wont be the parent that i should be. I also have been so worried i might fail as a provider or father. But then i realize, that i am still here and i am still excited to meet my lil one, and even though i havent met this little being i have never felt this much love before. And i know i would do ANYTHING for him\her, hell i would die gladly protecting my baby. I keep imagining the first time i get to see the baby, and how he\she will react to me.
I have been reading every book i can lay my hands on about babies and pregnancy, my wife rolls her eyes, she thinks i am a nerd and slightly obsessed, maybe i am. Cause all i can think about is makinng sure my child has everything i never had, and all the oppurtunities available. I fear i might spoil the lil tiger hahahaha but hey, thats what dads do best right?
We get to finally see the sex of the baby, in 7 days, i have done all the old wives tales and i believe i already know, but thats my secret hehe. Either way though a healthy child is all i can really hope for. I have so much to teach and tell em.
I never knew that something so small could make me feel so big and strong, but so scared and fragile. I have to say, i give women a whole new found respect, they go through this amazing yet extremely hard event for 9 months. The sacrifice and dedication is unimaginable. I actually envy my wife sometimes, she has a bond with my baby i will never truly have or understand. Lucky!
So everynight i talk to her\him, sing too, even though i have been told my voice is a secret weapon of mass destruction. But ii am sure my baby loves it just the way it is. Last night i spent maybe 30 mins just listening to his\her heartbeat, whilst we fell asleep, i still cant believe that i made that, thats my baby!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Blast from the past.

So mhy wife has found some secret source or stash of my old old photos where i looked like a complete idiot in the name of cool and fashion. #facepalm, dare i actually say i looked at these photos and i wept inside, did i really think afro's were cool. Now she wont reveal where this hidden online source is and has alot more according to her.
You probably are wondering what can be so bad, well i cant explain, so i shall just have to show you on of them, and this is actually the least embarrassing of the lot.