Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A means to my beginning!

So  finally i get my tablet back, which means i am now back to the world of mobile inter-net. Feels so could i can update my blog, vblog and pretty much whatever the hell i want whenever i want.
Yes yes, i know, i am a complete nerd, and i know i am dependant on my micro tech, dont judge. Being in South Africa for 4 years and going, i still havent made that many friends, but now its a choice. So i have reverted to my tech, and my very very anti-social activities. Besides i am also married which means fun just got kicked out the fucking window. LOL, please dont think my wife is a hag or the wicked witch from the west, but it is always safer to avoid the possiblity of being in a tempting situation. Know what i mean.??
So now i am back to updating the crazyness of my beloved country, my life and pretty much anything i fond interesting.. PLEASE REMEMBER, THIS BLOG WILL CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT!! I tend to swear alot, and blurt out my opinions in an unedited version. And my humour though is witty and sometimes cynical. I do have a crude sense too.
Sit back and enjoy my friends, and let this ride start.

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