Monday, July 1, 2013

Micaela Katarzyna Gołonkiewicz

So it's been 2 months since my world changed. My daughter, love of life arrived on the 1st of May at 20:48. Never have I seen a more beautiful girl, and I am not just saying that.
But it's not been all sunshine and rainbows, having a baby is by far the most taxing task ever. And the responsibility is incredible. But when ever I see her face and her smile it makes everything worthwhile.
Now barely 2 months old, my little angel has started growing teeth, which is not some rare genetic disorder, but its not common. And after alittle research it turns out babies who develop this fast are normally exceptional, have a higher IQ and are generally just awesome. As a nerd father this is like the greatest thing I could find out about my little nerd in the making.

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