Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 the main event!

OK, we all know the impact of the world cup in South Africa, the first african country EVER to host it, its such a big event, the world has its eyes on us, people expect something new and something different. But what they don't see is what is happening here, you can see it in the streets, in peoples faces, offices, radio, and TV. Everyone here, is proud, excited, honoured that we will get to have such an opportunity to show the world what South Africa really is about. I myself am not really a huge soccer and, save Man U, which i adore, but even i feel the anticipation, the responsibility of showing the world just what we have to offer here. People with flags on their cars, everyone wearing their country jerseys, count down clocks everywhere, and then of course the song "Wavin Flag by K'Naan", that just inspires you, gives you goose pumps and makes you proud to be a part of this world cup.
Everyone here is really trying to do their part, i mean yes things still crash, like our garbage removers are still on strike, some of the roads are still under construction and the long anticipated GauTrain is still not done, but as the day closes in, we seem oblivious of these things, and just get more excited. Sure our home team has alot and i mean alot at stake, we haven't really been performing well, and the group we were put in, is just murderous, but i can guarantee, the loudest fans there will be the ever proud South Africans, blowing on their vuvuzelas, screaming for joy, not cause our team is winning, or losing, not because it expected of us, but because WE are hosting one of the world's most watched games, cause we are apart from the rest, and because in just 20 years, we have proven to the world, that no matter the colour of our skin, our past, our differences, we as a people can change a nation and show the world just how great we are. So if you are one of the fortunate few, who are lucky to come to this beautiful country for this great event, and you see a blackman, painted brightly in red, white, green, yellow black and blue, and a white Boer, half naked, with an Indian huddled together, blowing loudly on their vuvu's with an extremely es static smile on their faces, you should smile back and join them, cause they are not just celebrating football, but they are celebrating their togetherness, their over comings and their unity.
Its amazing, how something like kicking a ball around can have such an impact on people, so, you can count on this, i will be there, painted from head to toe, in the national colours, jumping up and down like a monkey on steroids, screaming and laughing, blowing on my vuvu, representing this very proud nation.

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