Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My new found love.

One of the things that have stolen my heart in this country is ice skating, its graceful, elegant and very peaceful just gliding on the ice, you tend to just drift of and forget the worries that you had before stepping into the ring, now, after falling, scratching my elbow, almost breaking my back, bouncing my head on ice and looking like a total loser, i can now say i actually know how to ice skate.
 Me being me, i went there arrogant, thinking just how hard could this shit be? Well i will tell you, its frigging hard, forget rollablading or whatever concept you think you have, ice skating is on its own level, you almost literally need some form of physics to apply to it. The easy part is getting to move forward, hahahaha now try stopping, thats where you find out just how hard your bones are. All in all, i have fallen in love with it, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the extremely gorgeous red head who gave me some minute to minute lessons. Although i must say, she is one helluva teacher. You will be amazed at just how many people want to ice skate, and how packed the ring is on a week day in the afternoon, i personally have actually decided to register and start schooling, not to be a proffesional or impress the very hot girls that glide by you when you go skating, hmmmm ok not completely, but for myself, it truely is something addictive and wonderous.
 The only way i can ever really explain is, you need to try it yourself.


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