Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It starts here!!

I came to this country 1 year and 7 months ago, and i can not even begin to tell you the things that have happened to me since then, alotta of them are seriously fun, but some of them have left me disappointed and even questioned myself why did i come here? But to be fair, this country is seriously mis judged and misunderstood, it is a beautiful country, and the people are just as amazing... ok most of them anyways, you do come across the select few who are just as stupid as a retarded chicken (no offence to all the retarded chickens out there)
So after all this i realised, i cant keep taking pictures, or sending silly sms, mms and tiny emails, trying to show and share the wonders of this country, i figure why not a blog, and why not a daily blog?? but what if it's boring, and what if i cant keep up, well these are questions which i still haven't answered, sue me if you have a problem with that, seriously! But i can tell you this, i will keep you updated as much as i can and i will show you eerything i can through my eyes.. to get a feel of things, i live in the most busy city in the whole of South africa, its called Johannesburg, the locals have a variety of names; Mzanzi, Jo'burg, J-town and some are just to damn lazy and call it JHB, which personally i think is longer than the rest but hey, lets just let that one slide. You can find literally every race here, literally, but getting along together like one big family is a whole different story but we will get into that later, much much later..
Now what i am gonna blog about, hmmmm blog about? is there such a phrase?? well there is now, what i am gonna blog about is everything from the night life to the horrid things that make your skin crawl, like the certain governent official (no name calling here) who has been singing a certain racist song which has been envoked by his rather idiotic followers to go linch another goverment (ex) official.. and worst part, he just keeps playing the part of the pied piper.. Personally i think he mass of followers are the real stupid dumb arses who just need ear plugs to clean out the illiterate wax outta their ears.
But like i said these are the things you will and should expect from my blog, if it is interesting, it WILL be blogged, and if i happen to be quick enough to get a photo, it will sure as hell be posted, oh and just a heads up, the language on this blog will change according to my mood, but i will try my utter most to be clean, and if you have any issues on my topics please feel free to lay your compliant to 0800 7477 633 ( i just realised some people might actually try and call the number so for you slow ones, it says piss off)
Enjoy the blog, leave your comments, you are entitled to your opinion afterall, but if you do insult me, i will delete, hey its my blog, go get your own, in the mean time, watch this space and invite your friends, cause this is gonna be on helluva ride. Cheers and thank you!!

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